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Originally Posted by kleeprop View Post
The model number on the HDPVR is TDS865. I'm new to Africa so not completely sure on the terminology but I believe I have a twin LNB (coming in to Sat1 and Sat2 of the back of the pvr). Don't know what the MS is and I don't live in a complex - but I live in Swaziland. I also have multi-view set up for a TV in the other room.

Tried your process below and it fixed the display on the PVR - it now shows the channel number. Also, it fixed the delay we'd been experiencing when we hit the TV Guide button. Still nothing on the guide yet but I "believe" it may take a while to load ... is this correct?

Also, played with my dish a little and tuner 2 was down to 80% signal quality - got it up to 90%.

Think this should fix my issues? How long does it typically take to load the guide?
Okay you have a HD PVR 2P decoder. In this case there are 2 cables coming from the TWIN LNB straight to the decoder inputs. There would be no MS ( Multiswitch) in this case.

The signal level on tuner 1 and 2 should be > 80% and the signal quality should be 100%. The HD PVRs are very sensitive to signal quality. The EPG should load quite quickly.

I will send you a Private Message with some info on how to ensure your antenna is optimally aligned, especially the skew angle adjustment on the LNB.

I presume you have installed a cable from the RF OUT port on the decoder to the remote TV point?

We do not have what is typically called "multiview" elsewhere. The only way to get something sort of equivalent to multiview is when 2 decoders are coupled together using "Extraview". The standard HD PVR 2P allows you only one viewing environment plus the ability to record one other channel.

Remote control of the decoder from the BR is possible with aTVLINK eye installed.
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