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Originally Posted by MC Field Services View Post
relay commands do work using an external diplexer, however the Explora 2 doesn't allow for relay commands without an additional diplexer or possible T piece splitter. the external diplexer option will work as it splits the signal off to the RF modulators either RF IN or RF Out.
Originally Posted by MC Field Services View Post
remember to select the communication port in your menu of the DStv decoder and that it matches the Rf port being used

Thanks for the info.

So let me get this straight:

The internal diplexer in the Explora 2A does not support the relaying of remote commands between decoders?

So if this functionality is required between rooms where decoders are installed, one still has to install a diplexer behind the Explora 2A?

What is the point then? The better solution is to stick with the good olde fashioned way of running a HB cable with the combining of the RF OUT signals through a suitable combining splitter/amp and the distributing RF to all points where needed.

The ONLY time HB via the SLNB and LNB cabling is useful is IF there is no need for remote control of decoders from somewhere else.

Eish! Had a feeling there would be a catch somewhere.
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