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Default Explora Signal Strength.

I have an Extraview installation with 1 Explora and 1 HDPVR 2U. I have a twin LNB (recently installed new, with dish alignment check). The 2 feeds from the LNB goes into the MS supplied with the Explora. I run two feeds from this MS to the 2U, and 1 feed to the Explora.

I find that the signal strength on both tuners on the 2U show 100%, and signal quality also shows 100%. On the Explora, Tuner 1 shows 67% signal strength and 100% signal quality. Tuner 2 shows 83% signal strength and 94% signal quality. Tuner 3 shows 69% signal strength and 89% signal quality.

Firstly, why would this be? and secondly, can I introduce an amplifier in the feed to the Explora? If yes, can someone point me in the direction of a place where I could purchase such an amplifier?
Twin LNB > 5-1 Multiswitch > 1 x Explora + 1 x UEC 2U.
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