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Originally Posted by Optimist View Post
Ch. 121 is currently repeating S1 (and then S2) of the series Impossible Engineering, started yesterday afternoon @ 14:30. All of the weekdays episodes are scheduled to start at that time.
We're recording it on our Explora 1.

S1E1 - Failure re content captured.
According to what was later calculated with the successfully manually recorded repeat this morning - yesterday's current-cycle premiere of S1E1 somehow both started and ended about 22 minutes earlier than advertised on the scheduling.
As such my first attempt lost the first 11 odd minutes (my start safety net managed to get the rest of the too early content).
The early morning repeat ran exactly on time.

As a precaution I'm manually recording this afternoon's E2 "premiere" with more than half an hour added to both ends.

I've set a recording for today's episode and I'll let you know what we see. It may have been a late start to the programme yesterday.
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