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Originally Posted by gwalker View Post
Unless I am missing something, why not learn the codes into the remote, works like a charm for me with macros to switch all on and off, granted with branded hardware but it just IR codes at the end of the day......
Hi G, that's what I was suggesting in my first post.

1) Copy all the regular MC codes from TV1, to a spare region (A) for example, using the one-off codes I noted in the linked post.
2) Then overwrite those positions on the remote region (A) requiring the Philips codes, by teaching the MC remote directly from the Philips remote.
3) Generate any macros required
4) Job done.

Shane however convinced me that this won't work for him. I think there are HDMI CEC issues which are complicating matters as, what I suggested, works fine for me on all three of my systems. One of them in the UK includes a fairly complicated macro.

Cheers, K.
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