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Originally Posted by JacoHD View Post
So at first I was thinking maybe this is a problem my side. But I have tested the lan cable, rebooted the router etc.

I will put it in perspective: I have a 100Mbps Fiber Line, any other downloads on any other device except the Explora v1 is blazingly quick and painless.

Not when I use Catchup Plus. Then is downloading at 1MB per 5 seconds.

I checked on the Explora and it reports I have 100Mbps so I am I missing something? Randburg/Multichoice servers? Anyone else experiencing this problem?
Hi JacoHD.

The 100Mbps reported by your Explora is simply the wired Ethernet connection speed between your Explora and the DSTV Connector (or whatever other Ethernet Bridge you may be using)

However fast your Fibre WAN capability may be, your Explora will only perform as well as the device to which it is physically connected. The 100Mbps shown gives no indication of the wireless transfer rate between your Fibre Router and the DSTV Connector.

Please take a look at post 3 in this thread.

So, short version: to be sure of what your Explora is seeing, you should do a speed test, using a PC, with the cable that normally plugs into the Explora. TIP: Don't forget to turn wireless OFF on the PC when doing the speed test to ensure you are using the DSTV Connector as your network device.

All that said, I fully agree that the performance of MC's media servers is sometimes (time of day and day of week dependent) sluggish in the extreme; buffering sometimes occurs, particularly if watching in HD. I had exactly this problem on Saturday evening watching Childhood's End on Catch up plus.

To be sure it was not my issue, I ran a Speed test on a PC connected to the same Ethernet switch as the Explora. Results were absolutely fine.

We've seen this issue before and MC has never offered an adequate explanation. @GeoffD has done some testing on network routes to the media servers and has questioned the routing.

Cheers, K.
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