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Unless there's been a mistake it looks like The Big Bang Theory will be on yet another break, at least next week - last week's episode is scheduled for that slot in the EPG.

Reminder - many have 8 day EPGs, if the info is available earlier we need to hear about it at least 9 days before, please.


My household is starting to think that it's better to wait for close-to-the-U.S. series to later arrive on 115 M-Net City. Not sure if all M-Net series make it to there though, and the future late night edgy ones might not at all, don't know...
The only other exception for viewing these 101 supplied series would be with those that are made superstacked CU episodes (not CU+), which we would only start viewing a few weeks later.

Ok for those with enough patience and not that involved with the social media spoilers / need-to-discuss-live factors.
Any other thoughts or info about this?
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