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Let me just start off by saying that obviously this problem lies with M-Net and not MC (and most definitely MoM is not to blame) - but despite me giving almost 6 hours notice my recordings still failed tonight due to these 1 minute EPG issues.

I'm sorry to say but this is no longer what I expect from a Premium service. It is not worth anywhere near R900 a month and most certainly at the very least we should not be charged the additional Access fees until these EPG issues and the Explora series recording issues have been resolved.

I see no benefit or value at the moment in terms of being able to record on my Explora. Every night when I get home I have the same issues and failed recordings and I see no end in sight. These EPG issues should be something that is resolved for once and for all within a day (or someone should be fired) - not months and months of constantly reporting the same issues. I am a very unhappy customer at the moment.
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