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Originally Posted by Geoff D View Post
There have been quite a few cases before on the older decoders where a voltage potential between decoders and TVs have been found, even when connected to the same power socket.

I would check for:

(1) arcing on the multiplug
(2) replace the multiplug with a surge protected one such as sold by Clearline for home entertainment systems.
(3) Use a multimeter to see if there is a potential difference between decoders and TV chassis when any connecting cables are disconnected.
(4) Try and always connect 2 pin power plugs the same way round with the Live and neutral always the same for all devices.

Do you experience any other major surges on the power feeds to other appliances?
In a nutshell

Both Decoders (HDPVR4 and Explora) are connected directly to USB ports on TV
Both Decoders (HDPVR4 and Explora) are plugged into same multiplug which has built in power surge protection
This multiplug interm is plugged into an additional power surge plug protector (which I used to protect my phone line)
HDPVR never given me a days hassle. Explora failed 3 times now
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