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I commented on this in the BucketList thread with some screenshots, disappointing to hear that the CU+ version is also cropped.

A movie like the Godfather 2, originally released in 1.85:1 aspect ratio, doesn't suffer too much when cropped to 16:9 (1.78:1) but Terminator 2 was in the region of 2.40:1! The scenes really suffer from this much cropping, I had to stop watching. And after all, those who are prepared to sacrifice part of the movie to avoid black bars can always zoom on their tv, but if the channel crops it like this then those of us who want to see the full picture have no way of getting it back.

One of my friends has the Blu-ray (slightly cropped to 2.35:1, it seems) so I'm borrowing it tomorrow and going to post a thread with comparisons of certain scenes because I really think this is a big issue given that we are no longer in the days of small 4:3 screens where cropping or pan and scan was something one realistically had to put up with to actually see anything in a reasonable size. It's 2017, surely DSTV/M-Net can do better than this.

I've provided feedback on this through a number of channels since trying to watch T2 the other night, but only got a few token responses, so will put the effort into illustrating how this cropping damaged the movie so I have something to link to.
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