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Originally Posted by beetle bailey View Post
Vuma offer a 4 mbps line but then there next offering is a 20 mbps line which is too expensive for me. Other providers offer a 10 mbps which is a bit more "affordable" although still fairly pricey for my pocket.
This is a comment rather than answering your question, but I do think providers could work on their pricing, as from my perspective there's not a compelling reason to switch to fibre.

I currently have a 4 mbps line with Afrihost which is capped (100GB), but I never get anywhere close to that cap, so for all intents and purposes it's effectively uncapped. That costs me R458pm, but Afrihost fibre 4 mbps 100GB capped is R557pm, so why would I want to change?

Granted, that R458pm doesn't include the Telkom phone line, but my alarm is connected to that, so I still need to keep it. And other providers have similar sorts of prices - I haven't seen anything comparable (or better) to what I already have at a better price.

I get that even at the same quoted speed fibre will generally give a better performance than ADSL, but my line is currently adequate for my needs. While faster would be nice, it's not as though I have problems streaming, accessing websites, and downloads, so I don't feel it's worth the additional cost and for now I'm not going to bother making the switch.
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