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Originally Posted by beetle bailey View Post
To change subject and not knowing where to post it but can someone tell me if they are also receiving some advert type thing on their computer when scrolling through the different threads?

Comes up on the left hand side, as I look at it, of my screen and has the headings: Related Searches: Internet Forum Software, A New Post, Forum Software, Free Hosting etc etc.

Is this part of the new Forum set up? If so why are there headings like Online Bachelor Degree, Upgrade My Phone, BUY GOLD AND SILVER?

I click on the small x at the top of this "advert" and the thing goes away only to return when I go to another page on the Forum. Please, if this is part of the new setup kindly take another look at how this operates. Thanks.

Edit> Have clicked on a couple of the items mentioned and they all take me to a site known as Topic Torch and then each one advertises lots of other sites that one can go to. Similar to a Google search.
BB You have spyware on your machine and should run a good antimalware tool to clean it.
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