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I had identical issues to those described by Terrence. The name of one of the “original” channels was changed to English - Family at about 2 a.m., but the soundtracks are still reversed tonight (Saturday). This problem affects not only M-Net, but just about all channels from 101 to 111, as well as the Series channels (113 to 115).

In the audio options dialogue boxes, English - Original should always be the first option and English - Family the second. In several cases the first option has now been changed to Family, which is obviously confusing decoder global settings.

This section of the forum doesn’t seem to be monitored regularly by moderators, so let’s hope that someone at DStv eventually discovers and corrects this recurrent annoying problem.

I agree with Citanul’s comments about censorship. I wonder what percentage of viewers still want censored soundtracks in this day and age. None of those viewers ever seem to complain when any of the M-Net soundtracks are reversed…

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