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Ok folks some feedback - this thread has covered a few areas, so I'll try to cover as much as I can.

We have performance contracts in place with every single channel that is on the DStv platform and have regular performance discussions where we share customer complaints (from this Forum, twitter, Facebook, emails, phone calls, branch visits) and also actual viewership figures and any research we have.

There are penalties built into most contracts for channels that do not adhere to these agreements, which include the percentage of new content required from the channel. What that percentage is depends on what kind of channel it is - a channel meant for our Premium customers only will have a much higher percentage new and fresh content, than a channel that goes across all DStv packages. As a Premium customer, you have access to every single channel on the DStv platform but not every single channel is a premium channel.

For the BBC specifically, there have been recent very serious discussions and based on the presentation their regional Vice President gave at our Media Showcase last week, they have taken our feedback to heart in their upcoming schedules. Remember that schedule changes don't happen instantly as they normally week a few months in advance.

Reducing repeats and offering more fresh content to our customers, especially our Premium customers, is an ongoing discussion here that happens almost every day. So this is something that is taken very seriously and we continue to feedback your concerns to the channels.
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