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I was going to start a new thread about this, but think it's better to keep it here as I feel it's closely related.

BBC Lifestyle has been repeating the same season of Deal Or No Deal in what feels like a never ending loop. Season 4 is being shown for about the 8th time now, in the same weekday timeslot. This season originally started on the old BBC Entertainment channel, and ever since it moved to BBC Lifestyle, has been repeated over and over again.

I've just looked at the TV guide on BBC South Africa's website and it appears that once again, season 4 of Deal Or No Deal will restart from episode 1 on Thursday 6 April!

I've seen people question this issue with BBC Lifestyle on their website and Facebook page - the same excuses are always dished out - "fans of the show appreciate the chance to re-watch their favourite episodes, or episodes they may have missed" - I'm sorry, but I don't buy that excuse at all. True fans would want to see newer episodes, not constant repeats of a season which was made back in 2008!

MC, please can we have some answers on this? I understand repeats are necessary, but I'm sure you will agree that this is excessive, and completely unacceptable.
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