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I'm AFK for a few days so hope others will hop in if there's any queries.

Originally Posted by OrangeII View Post
It's really not that hard to understand this. A simple look at the parent company's financials is actually quite illuminating, in a number of ways.
Sure, although I don't think a lot of people are into looking at or practiced with financials
So, for those who haven't seen it here's a copy of the layman's summary that MC Marietjie posted this week (quoting structure removed to make it easier to read);

Ok folks, let's clarify the whole ownership thing. MultiChoice South Africa Group is the holding company that sits under Naspers' Video Entertainment division. In that holding company is MultiChoice South Africa which offers you DStv in South Africa, MultiChoice Africa which offers your DStv and GOtv in the rest of Africa (48 countries), M-Net which offers channels under the M-Net, kykNET, Mzansi and Africa Magic brands to both MultiChoice South Africa and MultiChoice Africa, SuperSport which also offers channels under that brand to both businesses and DStv Media Sales that sells advertising on both platforms.

There are two companies called MultiChoice Support Services and Video Entertainment Technology that provide services to the Group and under which eg HR, IT, Broadcast Technology, Corporate Affairs, Marketing, etc falls. This is just FYI to be factually correct but essentially the paragraph above summarises this.

There is a CEO for each of these businesses with a leadership team and they report their financials separately, they have different strategic plans, pay tax separately and own separate broadcasting licenses (where relevant). Our Africa business is managed out of Dubai and South Africa out of Johannesburg.

M-Net is mainly in South Africa but has studios in Kenya and Nigeria, SuperSport is based out of Johannesburg but works across the continent. We buy the M-Net and SuperSport channels from them in the same way we buy BBC or FOX.

All of this information is freely available at or on the Naspers website.
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