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1. Viewing habits.

It's easy to think that those of us here are representative of the "subscriber base" (MC's term for us), naturally attracted regulars share many common interests and conceptions. Not true, the service tailors to a very wide segment of our population which as we know has vastly different cultures and interest groups.
I for one believed, based on our discussions here, that not many keep a lot of their recordings for lengthy periods as we seem more interested in quickly watching the more popular series and movies before moving on to even more.

Not so, a survey by MC has determined (to an unknown to us degree) that most subscribers keep their recordings long term.

2. Misconceptions about MC's partnerships / "sister" companies.

Without too much (initial?) detail - these relationships are not well understood. We tend to presume that it's all the same boat, at least as far as influence goes.
What happens at M-Net is not necessarily something MC can answer about themselves, and at other times there will be a cooperation we don't realise. It's a similar but different situation with for instance the separate company with a similar name that handles the other African country's services.
I think it's probably best to ask first.

3. Product names / abbreviations.

Some that are / were believed to be MC's official terms are not so.
Yesterday's example - the 4 tuner HD PVR decoders are not alternatively called the 4U and 4P.
And about abbreviations - some of them are Forumite invented. We do try to keep that to a minimum, though it is considered very necessary by some of us. Don't be shy to ask what they mean.

Sorry if this was long-winded, wanted to make a comprehensive start.
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