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Originally Posted by conrad95 View Post
Thank you, I have a twin lnb, according to the technician he will be installing a qudo lnb. I also have extra view. Do you recommend me doing this upgrade as I alteady set money aside for it. Will this upgrade have any effect on my reception ?
There are only 2 types of LNB that appear to comply with MCs new standard.

A QUAD LNB which is a UNIVERSAL LNB, with 4 ports that can be used to connect to ANY MC decoder,

a QUATTRO LNB which can be used with the explora switch.

There is no such thing as "qudo" LNB.

If I were you, I would AVOID the QUATTRO LNB because it is not flexible enough to give you installation options at the moment.

Get your installer to tell you precisely what he is talking about, better still get the model number of the LNB and provide it here BEFORE you commit to the deal.

Also insist he gives you a drawing showing how he proposes to connect the LNB to your install.
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