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I share your pain !

Last night i was watching The Mentalist, approx 30 min's after the broadcast started. Not from the buffer, but from the playlist while the recording was still busy. Mid way through the recording, it just stopped. Needless to say, the decoder was on a different channel, so i couldnt use the buffer. Nothing else was recording at the time. For crying out loud.

Went away for the long weekend, asuming that the recording i set will actually record, came back on monday only to find out that 4 out of the 9 TBR were messed up. 2 didn't finish recording (and i'm not talking about a 10 minute cut) and one (Fringe) only recorded 9 minutes of the show. There was no warnings on any of them, and no power outtages.

Sometimes i will be watching something on channel "x", knowing that i've got a scheduled TBR that's going to start on channel "y". 15 min's later, i want to start watching the tbr (so that i don't have to sit through the ridiculous amount of adds) and i'll notice that the TBR didn't even start.

How does that happen ? It's simple logic. Recording 1 Scheduled for Wednesdays from 20:00 - 21:00 on channel X. If the current system/local time meets any of the tbr's criteria, record the specified channel. Bah !!
TBR's shouldn't get affected by program guide changes, signal intteruptions, or power outtages.

I'm not even gonna talk about the slow response (waiting 15 sec's for the decoder to respond) of the decoder and the lack of functionality.

I find it very frustrating that multichoice cares so little about their clients that they will release a product this flawed to make money. Well, what did i expect. 1 HD content provider in SA.

World cup next year, hahaha, it's going to be ridiculous.