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Originally Posted by MC Marietjie View Post
When all decoders in XtraView are Explora 2, then no heart beat cable needed

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I currently have an HD PVR/SD PVR setup. I'm planning on linking 3 x Explora 2 via the new SLNB (decoders will be placed in different rooms). I want to be able watch all 3 decoders and control all 3 decoders in every room. The tv signal to each of the rooms will hopefully be carried by existing rf cables.

I will creating my own thread regarding this but for now:

1. I need to confirm that the heartbeat is transmitted via the smart lnb to the 3 explora 2's (as stated by MC Marietjie)

2. Am I correct in assuming that you can control any of the exploras without the need for a tv link by pointing the remote at any explora? i.e. To change the channel on the bedroom explora even if I am in the lounge or vice versa (As i think I've read on the forum)

I just spoke to an accredited installer listed on the dstv website and he says it's not possible to transmit the heartbeat via the SLNB. He says each they need to install diplexers behind each decoder.

Thanks in advance

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