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Originally Posted by gman7 View Post
As at 7 am this morning there was still no S 3 boxset for Game of Thrones on Explora. When can we expect it MC?
Hi gman7,

If it did not appear on your Explora all at once on Friday like it was meant to, there are repeat play-outs scheduled, which should take about 48 hours to start showing.

Originally Posted by gman7 View Post
Also when i view an episode in a boxset and it ends, i cannot view the next episode without going out of catchup and then back in again, is this a temporary glitch?
This is a bug in the Explora software. Our decoder people are aware of it and are working on a fix. I suggest you report this issue under the Explora section (here so they can keep track of the extent of the problem.


MC Nic.