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First of all. Although it is not related to this forum - I must congratulate DSTV with the 2017 F1 coverage.
The commentary and build-up with Martin Brundle and team is outstanding and give some good insight into the sport.

Unfortunately I have to vent a bit about DSTV's Indycar coverage since a lot of F1 fans also follow this series.
I was really looking forward to this year's season especially after some very excited races last year at Fontana and Barber.
However after scanning through the sport channels for the latest race, the realization sank in that DSTV is not just showing selective races this year, but none at all!

I can understand the whole issue with ESPN, but unless there was a special agreement with ESPN for 2016, DSTV did manage to get the rights for certain races?
When looking at the ESPN website, the Indycar 2017 schedule shows that races are broadcasted by abc and NBCSN, so is it not possible to secure rights with these channels? Or with Verizon directly?
Or does ESPN control all the rights to the sport?

We as Indycar fans can only hope that DSTV will at least show the Indy500 this year.
The fact that Alonso is going over from McLaren to run in this race (and abandoning the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix in the process), has really sparked a lot of enthusiasm from motor racing fans.
It also looks like McLaren is planning to return to Indycars permanently, hoping to repeat the success they had in the 70's.

At the moment, DSTV is forcing me to turn to the Internet in order to satisfy my racing appetite.
Please DSTV, see what you can do for our open-wheel racing fans! There is more to American racing than just NASCAR!
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