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Originally Posted by AndrewD View Post
I have no RG6 cable left in the system except for the heart beat. HDMI over Cat 6 transmitters are installed after the matrix with a receiver at the TV. Nice thing about the HD Cabling recievers is they do not require power.
HDMI 4x4 matrix was R 5000-00 and the HDMI over cat 6 converters (receiver and transmitter) were R 1500-00 each.
Easiest way (in my opinion) to get HD to all TV's and still be able to view both PVR's in all enviroments
This seems like the simpler solution.
3 Exploras into the HDMI 4x4 Matrix. 4 outputs into the HDMI/Cat 6 convertors and then cat6 to the bedrooms with the receivers. The balance of the rooms will use the RG6 cable for signal using the solution that Optimist has suggested.

Do you have the details on the HDMI/Cat 6 convertors?
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