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Default KidsCo : Poor video quality & audio/video sync issue

Finally got a chance to sit down and watch KidsCo and I have to say that the quality of the channel is bad. The video quality is piss poor like a youtube video. When there is a lot of screen action (see Rescue Heroes or Sabrina) pixilation is present, this also happens when the camera is panning. I changed to Disney and thought Disney was being broadcast in HD (that‘s how bad the video quality was). I haven’t heard of this issue on TTV & maybe MC has TTV stuck in some dark room (keeping up the Jone‘s), so a tech should be able to compare.
I don’t think this is the quality which Universal International broadcasts the channel.
If this level of compression is what it took to get this channel on the satellite, then could you kindly borrow some bandwidth from AfroMusic

Another thing is that there is audio/video sync problem. The audio will occur 1/5-1 second before the action occurs on screen. It may be difficult for the techs to time it to the cartoons (I was able to), but there are some live-action shows (and adverts) so you will be able to see/hear it, especially when someone ‘mouthing’ something.
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