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Default Weird recording incident on 108

This one is baffling, could be related to all sorts of other known issues including recently past interface problems between the i-Plate and the EPG (which means the guide, that's what the "G" stand for) or even the current SD PVR reboots epidemic. So please share with the other technical departments.

This morning I recorded a short film called "Tandem" on ch. 108 from 05:45 to 06:00 on my Explora 1. Note that my safety nets are set to the max 10 min. each side.
All seemed fine except for it having recorded about 10 minutes longer than expected, and the recording's title and synopsis in the Playlist are in order. The movie's slot can also still be seen in the EPG.

When watching it tonight, I noticed that the actual playback's i-Plate titles do not include the actual movie recorded - instead there's only 27 min. of the previous movie and 20 minutes of the movie that followed listed.
The status bar offers no further clues, only the one demarcation mark supposedly between the two movies listed as recorded.

Doubt I'm available for any discussion.

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