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@ Jan,

Have you checked the schedule list for an older setting, still there but no longer valid or used? Could just be that setting that is messing up the conflict resolution process.

We had the same issues with the older decoders, even with the SD PVR with TBRs. One had to allow for a "switching time" between settings, as the processors could not process the shutting down of the one recording and the start of the next.
It was solved by allowing the SD PVR to start a recording late instead of not starting the recording at all.

It could be now that the latest software has again raised a similar problem.

Only way out is a deliberate gap between settings (as suggested with the one ending at "29" and the next starting at "30"), or to allow a follow on recording to start late, generating a warning message, but not blocking the recording from happening.

Either way, these issues are arising because of the change in the sw and the EPG scheduling issues, (especially late changes).

The answer short term is NOT to rely on EPG settings and make use of MRs instead. In the case of the SD PVR, this went from a short term solution to a lifetime solution as nothing was ever done to address the issue.
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