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I missed the end of the last episode of "The Wire" as the broadcast time moved a bit from when I set the recording, so I thought I'd quickly watch the end on the DSTV Now website (using my laptop, Windows 10, Firefox).

Although I can watch it fine, there is no way to jump to the part I need to see, so I've now got it playing in the background until it gets to the part I've missed. I tried clicking on the progress bar like with other online players - nothing. There are no fastforward controls or anything like that, just a very simple pause/play and fullscreen button. I don't remember having this problem in the past, but if this is intended can we please get a few more controls? I have the latest versions of my browser and Flash. I also didn't want to download the whole thing to a desktop player as I only wanted to catch the last ten minutes, and have also had problems with the desktop player in the past.
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