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I thought I would post an update since originally posting above.

My wife and I recently moved to Gordons Bay and as a result, have my mom in law staying in the flat next to us.

She had an old SD PVR which decided to die after us having moved in. What did I decide to do?

Re-did the entire DSTV install, with 85cm Dish, Smart LNB and put down Explora's.

My point, for +- R980 a month I have

3 working Explora's (mix of model 1 and 2)
Catch Up +

My wife, mom in law and myself can enjoy full HD (on selected channels obviously). Does it break the bank, nor is it pricey? Well, it is but it sure as hell is cheaper than it would cost if it was Sky. I actually worked it out and my goodness but DSTV is cheaper.

In short I am sorry, that with getting Showmax for R69 a month (I kicked out Netflix)!

It is decent value for money!

Remember, a happy mom in law =happy wife and that = happy life
Explora (Primary); Explora (Secondary); Explora 2 (Tertiary) Smart LNB (LMX501); Drifta and Showmax

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