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Angry Persistent signal drops on Sports channel

Please can somebody help. I get a +90% signal strength and 100% signal quality on the sports channels but every 10 seconds they both drop to 0% and then return to +90% and 100% after 1 second. This happens on many other channels too but not 101 and a few others.

What I have tried:
1) installed new LNB - LMX501
2) adjusted dish and skew using app, FSM and fine tuning via tuner status screen
3) checked all connections
4) tried new cabling
5) took decoder to MC for testing
6) multiple factory resets
7) connecting to different lnb ports
8) changing tuner frequencies
9) scoured this forum for further ideas

All this to no avail. MC has been no help at all- just keep punting installers as if they own shares in them when in reality they have no clue and keep no record of people who had same problems and the solutions

Problem started with picture break up progressively getting worse to the point where I had no signal whatsoever. Having experienced high winds (which destroyed my patio roof) I suspected that the dish had moved so I got a FSM and satfinder app. This didn't help so I got new LNB. Got perfect signal strength and quality and all was well (including sports channels). Suddenly two days ago this new problem started. Any help would really be appreciated.

To be clear on symptoms:
1) while watching a sports channel I get excellent signal strength and quality (100%)
2) like clockwork every 10 seconds they both drop to 0%
3) a second later they both return to their previous strength and quality
4) this carries on indefinitely
5) adjusting dish alignment and skew makes no difference to signal drop - it just changes the quality
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