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Toto. Would never have guessed what the numbers actually meant. As you say, "very clever".

While we live we hope but it is rather a long shot, an extreme LONG SHOT, that Liverpool can win the league this season. However, I feel that West Ham have a better chance of beating Man City than Villa had. But, realistically, I think the league title is done and dusted with City being the winners. Would expect Liverpool to beat Newcastle so finishing second, or as someone else said, first of the losers isn't too bad a showing for this season.

Wondered why giggs picked the side that he did for last weekend's game. Had some decent players on the bench but went for two youngsters up front and picked Fellaini as well. Almost got the impression that he was covering himself in case of defeat. Could use the excuse that he was giving youngsters a chance. But maybe that's all it was. Him giving younger players a chance to prove what they could do. wilson scored two goals and the commentators were raving about him. Second goal was a tap in which even I could have scored, I think, while first one was well taken but what one would expect from any striker. Cannot recall him doing anything remarkable other than scoring those two goals. But time will tell whether he is indeed as good as some are making him out to be.

Relegation teams settled with Norwich now also one of the sides being relegated. (Seem to remember that if Sunderland won Norwich were out? Or are West Brom still in the mix?)
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