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Originally Posted by Chris Hanson View Post
An interesting stat is that Liverpool have already scored more points this season than in the past 3 seasons full 38 games. MU have scored 80 points or more for the last 3 seasons, the most they can get out of this one is 75. In the last 6 league games Liverpool have secured 16 points to MU's 8 point. (In fact, Liverpool have been the top points earners for the last 6 games, more than Chelsea, Arsenal and MC)
BB, I think you're selling your lads short
It would seem like it yes. But over the years I've been quietely optimistic only to see us stumble against sides we would have been expected to beat. Think this is the reason for my constant cautious approach to our games.

As for the stats one needs to take a number of variants into consideration. Who were the games against and were they home or away matches? Did the opposition have a fully fit squad etc etc. Stats are there to be manipulated any way one likes. It's only really at the end of the season when everyone has completed playing all their home and away games that the true picture can be revealed.

That said I'm pretty happy with the stats given by Chris as they do show that the club is moving in the right direction.
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