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Gwalker is right about an "online" UPS for best protection, no arguments about that. For areas where there's less severe problems or with a budget in mind a basic but decent computer UPS is better than nothing, but be warned that a severe disruption could render this choice useless as if without protection.
We use a Zixaa K600VA which cost R450 and deals well with fluctuations and keeps much of our equip. going for 5 odd minutes which is usually long enough for "normal" interruptions. In our case it's a 32" LCD, 2 of our decoders, a video machine, 2 DVD/HDD recorders, an alarm clock, cordless phone, modulator, and composite splitter. With the TV off it lasts much longer.

For generators, here's the advice we got from a good friend who is a very successful electrical etc. engineer for the mines (and developed and marketed his own gyrocopter a few years back);
The simple but not overdone solution is to add up all your equip. wattage needs and multiply that by 2.
So for example with this kind of need (not an otherwise useable, or ever an official conversion) a needed 1.5KW = a 3KVA generator.