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Good news for premium subscribers, and setup was quick and easy. Unfortunately we're still waiting for fibre in our area so streaming is not practical, so really hope the Exploras will be able to download Showmax content too in the near future (I know they're 'working on it', just not how long this could take).

I thought as an interim measure I'd download Taboo on my laptop and connect it with an HDMI cable to the tv, problem is that I couldn't see a download option on Showmax when I accessed it via DSTVNow, just a 'play' option. I checked the FAQs and apparently download is only possible on IOS and Android devices! Pretty disappointing, as it means it's essentially unusable for us right now.

I really hope that, as well as working on getting downloads working on Exploras, you also consider enabling downloading on Windows devices. After all, it's not some rare or unusual device, just a Win10 laptop.
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