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Bruce99 2018-01-23 14:54

Missing Channels on Premium Bouquet
My DSTV HD MODEL 4U just keeps dropping channels and replacing them with the E48-32 error message.
I could go through the whole lot, but let me just focus on the sports channels.
200 Blitz HD: E48-32 message
201 SS1 HD: working
202 SS2 HD: E48-32 message
203 SS3 HD: working
204 SS4 HD: working
205 SS5 HD: E48-32 message
206 SS6 HD: E48-32 message
207 SS7 HD: E48-32 message

LNB Type is SMATV for my apartment in Cape Town
I have done a re_scan and also a Reset to Factory Default.
Does anyone have any ideas where I can start looking at solutions for this?

MC Sandipa 2018-01-23 15:34

Hi Bruce99,

I have escalated your query and will feedback as soon as I can.

MC Mpho

Optimist 2018-01-23 16:33

All those listed as not working are Horizontally polarised.
You're on a communal system and so have lost some of the original SMATV settings. Only your building's BC or landlord can help as the communal systems in use are many and too varied for our help.
However, if you come back with details someone may be able to assist further if needed.

Hi Mpho, welcome back :-)

MC Sandipa 2018-01-24 08:06

Thank you Optimist. Adding to your comments:
It looks like the wrong settings are being used in the menu.

If your decoder is on a SMATV installation, then you will have to enter all the Shifted frequencies on the “Home Network” setting screen and then scan the decoder.

Please get the correct settings from your body corporate if you live in a complex and if your decoder has a ‘special’ installation.

If it is a normal setup where you have your own personal satellite dish then the settings should not be set to SMATV.

Please let us know how it goes.

MC Mpho

Terrence 2018-02-27 12:06

This may be a different issue from the specific case in the OP; however, since switching to the 4U (from an 1110), on a simple single-view domestic installation, we've noticed that a few times a month on average, we get missing channels or a "no signal" message after the daily (in our case, early morning) reboot. Weather is not a factor - it's happened on days of rain, and on perfectly clear and still ones.

Channels I recall this happening with are VH1 Classic (323), BBC World News (400), and SABC 2 (192). Sometimes it's the channel the decoder was left on the previous night; sometimes the error appears on trying to tune to the channel. It can usually be resolved with one or two hard reboots; however, it is annoying.

Optimist 2018-03-01 11:05

Hi there Terrence,

Don't automatically rule out the weather - if water gets into old, cracked or poorly insulated cables or the LNB it can have an effect for ages.

All channels mentioned are Vertically polarised, which suggests at least a possible LNB skew angle misalignment.
If weather is aggravating that then Bob's your aunty, there's the combined problem.

My suggestion - call in an installer, and based on the history of problems you've had preferably someone new and recommended by word of mouth.

I'm not helping much now, and for future tech posts the best place may be in the Installations forum section.

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