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conrad95 2017-04-05 05:40

These episodes showed expiry date in June for episodes on catchup plus, but this morning episode 1 to 13 that I downloaded is missing. Why? How can expiry date shows June the one day and the next day they are gone.

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Optimist 2017-04-05 07:16

Hi Conrad,

Sometimes the service is suspended for a few minutes. Not sure why they do that, but it can make it look like titles have vanished for a while, and then they reappear. So check again.

If still missing, have a look if you can see why.
Press the CU button, then press the Alt button to go to the Download Manager. Now press the left arrow button to go to the History section, and see if you can maybe find list entries about it that detail why they are gone.

MC Pamela 2017-04-05 13:16

Hi conrad95

Let us know once you've checked under Download Manager (History), if you still don't see the titles/episodes to assist.

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