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MC Nic 2015-02-17 11:09

"Device Registered to Another User" Error
Hi all,

There are a few reasons for this error:

- Device was indeed registered to someone else previously. To resolve this, please log in with the previous user's credentials, remove your device from their profile and then log out again.

If this is occurring on a [B]NEW[/B] device (i.e. never been used before) there are two possibilities related to the DRM provider that we use for DStv Now:

- Device is recognised as "grey" (We have reason to believe that some grey importers and manufacturers of "cheap" Android devices don't assign unique handset IDs to the devices they sell, which triggers the error message. We've also seen incidents where refurbished devices have actually been sold as "new" which would also trigger this error.)

- Device is not supported (There are a handful of devices currently not supported by our DRM provider). We're working with our DRM provider to expand the device compatibility.

In the last scenario above, the error message is a bit misleading and we're working on a fix for that.


MC Nic.

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