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andrewgerm 2017-08-09 13:53

HDMI to second endpoint
Hi all
Best place to get feedback on this, so this is what I'm planning.
Currently 2 Explora (first edition). One in lounge connected to TV, with RF to all bedrooms. Second in office, with RF to all bedrooms.

Office is connected via HDMI to a large PC monitor, and theatre system. I've been looking at running an HDMI extension, so I can also watch with HD quality from bed.

The best I can find in researching, is an HDMI to Cat6 converter. Then the cable run, which I believe shouldn't extend past 50m, and then convert that back to HDMI on the other end.

Running from the office, so I can also swap the HDMI to the PC, in order to play Blu-Rays off there too.

I also hear that the TV link can be sent over this?

The RF signal is obviously mono sound, and in SD only. Not to mention it's not crystal clear, due to several things, including signal noise, etc. But it's not terrible (once denoise is activated).

Are there any better solutions? Can the TV link operate via HDMI?
The converters I have found from a retailer for about R800. The cable I'm still looking around for, but looks to be about the same price.

Any input, suggestions appreciated...

idm1 2017-08-10 05:41

Why not just get a third explora or hd single connect with xtraview? Probably cost the same in the long run.

Optimist 2017-08-10 09:01

Least costly & bothersome option Andrew - since RF is already in place just continue to use that for the TV Link, and simply get an amplified HDMI splitter and use one or both its outputs as needed. I've used inexpensive units for years from HD Cabling in Centurion.
(Doubt I'll be around to discuss further.)

andrewgerm 2017-08-10 17:15

Thank you both for the feedback.

@idm1: I do have a 4U decoder, so that might be an option, but I like to have my recordings as well. Plus, I might also use the route to send video from the PC that sits there.

@optimist: thank you! And I think that will likely be the route. The remote signal can still go via RF (and RF can be a standby). I've found a few cheap HDMI to Cat6 converters, and will just send the signal that way.

Thanks all!

idm1 2017-08-11 08:46

With due respect, if you add up the cost of extending the hdmi cable, once done you would have been able to get an explora 2a connected in xtraview and perhaps even a raspberry pi zero for your movies.

Simon 2017-08-11 11:08

[QUOTE=idm1;357219]With due respect, if you add up the cost of extending the hdmi cable, once done you would have been able to get an explora 2a connected in xtraview and perhaps even a raspberry pi zero for your movies.[/QUOTE]

You've forgotten the extra charge for the 3rd XtraView. Adds up quite rapidly.

andrewgerm 2017-08-11 13:52

@Simon: That is one of the main reasons I'm doing things the way I mentioned. I actually think the additional devices, and PVR access should all be included, but MC see it otherwise.

@idm1: I see your point, and Simon's. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 hooked up, but I have a few thousand DVDs and Blu-Rays, so sending a PC signal or HD from the Explora, would work best. Also, I'd like access to the recordings from that particular PVR.

On that note, do you know of a reasonably priced local distributor for the Zero?

Plus, there's a bit of "can I do it" here, just because.

idm1 2017-08-11 14:14

Rs Electronics, even better is pishop 100 bucks delivery anywhere in SA, zero 1.3 R80, zero wireless R182.


andrewgerm 2017-08-11 14:35

Awesome, and thank you very much for that!
It's going to form part of the "end setup" with everything, including DStv shared to all rooms.

idm1 2017-08-11 14:50

Sure thing, let me know if you need help with config of the pi/s.

andrewgerm 2017-08-11 15:05

Thank you for the link (thought I'd replied earlier, but seems it didn't post)
The idea is to have a Pi and PVR end-point in each room (at each screen).

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