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andrewgerm 2014-04-08 01:05

old decoder experimenting
Greetings all

I hope this isn't seen as competing
I have an old dish, LNB, and decoder (no smart card). There is a full MC subscription, etc for the actual decoder we use.

Is there any way to use this old decoder? Perhaps for any of the free to air broadcasts, or just to grab satellite telemetry, or anything? Just a curious fascination, to see what is possible :-)

Geoff D 2014-04-08 01:36

What decoder? Can you give us the make and model.

I will contact you off line afterwards.

In general, you will have to get a SC to access any FTA stuff on IS20 - as MC does not want their decoders to be used this way without a valid SC in the decoder.

andrewgerm 2014-04-19 18:26

@Geoff D
Thank you for the reply, and apologies for the delayed reply here.

The 'old' decoder in questions is a DSD 990.

It does not have a smartcard, so maybe I can find an old one of these. Basically, I was just curious to experiment, and see what was possible. Even if I can get on to one of the other FTA satellites, etc. Sort of just a hobby thing, just because :)

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