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mbeylis 2017-05-12 07:26

Where to buy Explora Power Cable
Good Day

I would like to enquire as to where I can purchase a power supply cable for my Explora Model 1 Decoder

My Decoder was taken away for repairs and on return no power cable supplied and when following up was told they didnt have it

Are they available at retail outlets like Makro or only from DSTV customer centres and what is their price?


Geoff D 2017-05-12 09:28

It depends on what is missing. You may have to go to MC Office if the PSU itself is missing. But if it is just the power cord with a two pin plug on it, you can get them just about at any outlet selling electronic components

mbeylis 2017-05-12 09:42

Its everything, from plug in wall to the adaptor and connector to the back of the explora which is very specific

Geoff D 2017-05-12 10:16

An MC office or agent is the only place then.

Unfortunately, one has to these days do all sorts of things when handing anything over for repairs. Including a full inventory list!

Did you get anything from the place where you handed in the decoder and PSU originally listing the items?

I suggest you send a PM to MC Marietjie with the details of who they are for follow up action.

KennethM 2017-05-12 10:17

Pick 'n Pay has them @ R 350.00, I'm sure places like Builders will have them as well, I just happened to see one on a shelf @ Summerfields P 'n P cnr of Kowie & Kelly Roads, Randpark

MC Mpho 2017-05-12 10:45

Hi Mbeylis,

Please email me directly, [email][/email]

I can help.

MC Mpho

mbeylis 2017-05-15 08:00

[QUOTE=MC Mpho;344376]Hi Mbeylis,

Please email me directly, [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

I can help.


Thank you very much for assisting me, great service :->

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