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  1. Reprogramming RCU with limited functionality
  2. C4... When is the mythical update to the HD-PVR remote.
  3. Comparison Chart for the RCU's when used with diff decoders
  4. TV Link
  5. TV2 link.
  6. 3 decoders "HD pvr, Std PVR and 1110) in same room picking up same remote
  7. Volume Relay
  8. New Multichoice PVR remote and Remote Blaster
  9. New Remote suggestion
  10. DSTV Remote
  11. Coding of sdpvr to control hdpvr
  12. Setup 2nd TV Remote - PLEASE HELP!!!!
  13. Availability of HDPVR remotes
  14. No programming on remote?
  15. Upgraded SD-Pvr smart card for XV now Tv-link not working
  16. Universal remote not working on HD-PVR any more
  17. MENU button not working on SD PVR TV2
  18. HD PVR and Philips Pronto’s
  19. Hd pvr remote
  20. Programming Macros
  21. HD PVR Remote IR Protocol
  22. Remote blaster problem with hd pvr
  23. Remote Inteference with TV
  24. SD PVR Codes to Program Onkyo Remote?
  25. IR Codes for HD850 PVR
  26. TV Link
  27. Broken play/pause button
  28. Ergonomics
  29. Opening SD PVR Remote Control
  30. SD Remote "freeze" up
  31. Remote eye problem
  32. New decoders!
  33. Remote stoped working
  34. Dualview Decoder- Remote / TV2
  35. remote not functioning
  36. Remote Control
  37. Interference by TV screens
  38. HD PVR not using international standard codes for programable remotes
  39. Remote control codes for DSD1110
  40. PVR Univerals Remote and Apple TV Remote
  41. Coloured Buttons not working?!!?
  42. Where can I buy an HDPVR remote?
  43. LCD TV causing Interference???
  44. Remote Control for Primary Not Working
  45. TV Link for dsd 1110
  46. Where can I buy an SD PVR Remote Control?
  47. switching on tv2 from decoder
  48. Do you know what devices use the Philips RC 5 protocol? (IR code)
  49. HD PVR Universal Remote- max number of functions that can be programmed
  50. Program your Onkyo TX-SR805 Amplifier Remote to learn HD PVR Universal functions
  51. Slow response to remote commands
  52. Double Click on Remote
  53. TV link problem
  54. PVR or remote
  55. Volume not working on HD PVR remote
  56. Is it possible to make an SD remote control the HD-PVR?
  57. Remote control interference
  58. ir-codes for sd pvr remote ? (slingbox .bin)
  59. Sherwood Amp Remote control Code
  60. RC-IR Protocols
  61. Plasmas and LCDs causing issues with Remote control
  62. Wake up
  63. PVR remote
  64. Remote not working
  65. SD PVR remotes not working
  66. HD PVR Codes & Control from SD Remote
  67. How to program HD PVR Remote to Control Sony Amp
  68. MiniMote
  69. HD PVR remote temperamental
  70. dsd1110 Remote
  71. HD-PVR remote does not FF or RW my SD-PVR, help please MC!
  72. dsd990 remote not working
  73. 2009 PVR remotes
  74. Remote control hex codes for HD PVR, 11xx, SD PVR and 990
  75. HDPVR Remote Code
  76. Remote Instructions
  77. DSTV Infra Red Interferance
  78. DSD1110 Remote Coontroling other equipment.
  79. Program old 660 'Cokw-Bottle' remote into SDPVR remote (2007)
  80. Harmony remote: access to Music channels?
  81. DSD1110 remote not working through my Ellies remote blaster!!
  82. Remote control is sleepy
  83. Remote not "connecting"
  84. HD PVR with slingbox
  85. Remote Issues on new swapped decoder
  86. Two 1110's sitting in same space
  87. PVR remote only changing TV1 and ignoring TV2
  88. Remote Control
  89. HDPVR with TVLink
  90. SD PVR TV2 remote sleepy
  91. Remote Control Problems
  92. How does this remote work?
  93. Remote blaster: Digitech vs Ellies
  94. Front Panel - feedback please
  95. HDPVR remote REW/FF
  96. Double Commands
  97. HD PVR Remote does not work
  98. SD PVR remotes on HD/SD XtraView
  99. SD PVR Remote Dead
  100. SD PVR Universal Remote with Delta 9000 Analog
  101. 1110 remote for dsd720
  102. Happy Holiday!
  103. remote programming
  104. dstv remote
  105. This dang remote.... HELP PLEASE!!!!
  106. Hdpvr remote
  107. SD PVR Remote not changing volume
  108. HD/SD Xtr-view remotes ???
  109. Philips Lcd/plasma - 1110 remote problem
  110. old remote - decoder set to new remote
  111. Discreet Power On & Off function for HD PVR?
  112. Romote Commands No Longer Obeyed By Decoder!
  113. Codes for Direct setting of HD remote
  114. SD and HD off one remote
  115. Remote control manuals
  116. 2009 Bug
  117. TV Link not responding to remote control
  118. Program SD remote for HD decoder
  119. Harmony remote and HD PVR
  120. Replacement Remote for TV2
  121. UEC HDPVR Remote codes for Slingbox
  122. hd remote skips channels
  123. Changing DStv channels by voice commands
  124. Cannot teach HDPVR remote commands to a Yamaha amp learning remote
  125. PVR REMOTE A2 and A3
  126. Remote problem
  127. Mapping of TV1 or TV2 into A,B,C or D?
  128. Remote with DSD 1131
  129. Remote not talking to HD PVR decoder
  130. Program macro for Sony KLV-40S400A TV
  131. Universal PVR remote not working on HD-PVR
  132. 1131 X-tra view remote control
  133. Using HD-PVR remote as MCE remote
  134. Universal PVR Remote
  135. samsat remote
  136. Where to get new TV-link
  137. remote Eye
  138. HD PVR and Nevo remote
  139. A3 remote bug?
  140. SD PVR dualview remotes not working
  141. Remote "Bleed Through" ...
  142. 1131 & HD Decoder -remotes not working on blaster
  143. 3rd party IR control of new HD PVR
  144. New t.v. link & Universal remote control
  145. Difference between Pace & UEC?
  146. Remote control for DSD1131
  147. Howto control Decoders with IR Transmitter
  148. RCU (Moved from DOD discussion
  149. HD PVR Remote Repair
  150. Volume relay
  151. Hd pvr remote
  152. PVR Remote Reset
  153. Sd remote spares
  154. URC22B Universal Remote Controller
  155. HD remote to control SD aswell
  156. Cant get UEC PVR remote to control LG 42LF20FR
  157. question on HD PVR remote code list
  158. Remote Controll
  159. No ARC on A3 RC
  160. Confused
  161. Rossi TV Universal Remote code
  162. Remote jumping 2 channels when surfing channels
  163. Plasma TV inteference - RCU
  164. Remote control collection
  165. Best Universal Remote for HD PVR?
  166. HD PVR + SD PVR remote control assistance required
  167. TV Link stops working when cold
  168. TV Link Help
  169. Remote controls: "MC does it best!" ...
  170. New HD PVR 2P remote control
  171. All channels have low volume
  172. HELP! SD PVR Remote not working
  173. UEC HDPVR (DSR4660) XMP Device Number
  174. Remote Programming HDPVR on Dial TV3/C ...
  175. Can a DStv HD PVR remote control a HTPC?
  176. Volume Redirect
  177. HD PVR 2P and a Logitech Harmony universal remote
  178. Can a SD remote control a HD PVR?
  179. HD PVR 2P: where can I buy another remote control?
  180. Moderator: C4
  181. Remote Button Broken
  182. Where can I find Direct Set code for my TV?
  183. Remote Codes for HiSense TV
  184. Remote codes
  185. remote locked
  186. HD PVR Remote
  187. TVLink Remote wire ripped out
  188. SDPVR remote just died in my arms
  189. Plasma Interference?
  190. My A3 is broken
  191. MultiChoice introduces Jumbo Universal Remote
  192. Jumbo universal remote - manual
  193. Product code for Mecer LCD TV
  194. Enzer DVD player
  195. Hisense code for DSTV Remote
  196. step-and-set method
  197. Simple question
  198. HD remote: Rewind to start
  199. HDPVR/X-Tra view TV-Link Magic Eye remote
  200. Jumbo Remote
  201. HDPVR Remote signal relay?
  202. Toggle between TV and Radio
  203. Remote volume changes channels
  204. Jumbo Remote - Toggle Between Decoder1 and Decoder 2
  205. SD Remote loses memory
  206. sd pvr remote and ps2
  207. Ellies PVR remote
  208. TV-Link not working on my decoder.
  209. Rewind not working
  210. A3 Remote
  211. My A3 remote control is duplicating output
  212. HD PVR Remote (Model A3) problem?
  213. Standard remote goes to sleep
  214. Jumbo Remote 'Alt' button
  215. "Remote batteries need Replacing"
  216. Pace HD Firmware Update Affects IR Codes?
  217. Macro problem with A1 remotes used on DV
  218. A3 <OK> wrong
  219. Remote Design
  220. Logitech Harmony Remove and HC PVR Tv2 Setting
  221. Pace HDPVR remote control code for Marantz NR1501
  222. Remote blaster
  223. DSD 990 Remote
  224. HD PVR $P Remote Code
  225. Problem with Remotes on my HDPVR P2
  226. A3 programming
  227. Unresponsive remote controllers
  228. HD PVR TV2 Hex Codes
  229. Replicating Remotes
  230. Please translate my flashes...
  231. HD PVR Remote App
  232. Hd pvr - dsd1110
  233. Un-Learning
  234. HDPVR remote controlling SDPVR
  235. Which Remote will work?
  236. B3 remote - need to switch TV setting
  237. New Jumbo remote - when?
  238. 2 Samsung LED TV's, different models but remote's conflict?
  239. Channel Changing
  240. Samsung TV - control with HDPVR2 remote
  241. HD Remote
  242. dstv remote
  243. PVR remote control
  244. SD PVR not working through HD PVR
  245. New A3 remote setup
  246. Std PVR Remote
  247. Universal remote model a3 manual
  248. TV Link eye installation
  249. Remote extender warning
  250. Does anyone happen to know the remote code for the 2P HD decoder?